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What drives you to change your life?
What pushed you to come here? Is it to finally achieve your goals?

This is what drives me

I was raised by my grandmother, a loving, warm, caring, patient and Godly woman, in abject poverty.

My mother was the main breadwinner, she traveled throughout the Caribbean, hustled, doing jobs as a Nanny, and whatever else she could.

We had lots of hungry nights. It was not always certain that we’d have food to eat the next day. My grandmother would pray about it the night before and we’d hold onto faith that God would send food for us to eat.

I was the only male in our home. And I saw the women I love struggle.

Most people knew me as a helpful kid; I was always willing to make life better for others.

When I reflect on my life as far back as pre-teen, it was marked by hustling, trying to survive.
I remember when I was seven years old, in primary school; I would pick plums that grew in our back yard. And I sold them at school to my fellow students. I took home all the money I made. That money helped to buy food at least for one night.

I also remembered that I would charge other students if they wanted to look at my work during tests. And when they were too lazy to take their own notes, I would scribe it for them and bill them. I never spent any of the money I made off students at school.  I took all of it home to my grandmother. My effort was for the benefit of the household, not just me.

One other cool thing I used to do was to go the river, catch fish and take it home. That was supper for my household. These things I did, all under the age of ten.
Of course, I couldn’t explain my drive at that age.

Growing up, my dream was to fly airplanes. This is why I love fall. It was in fall when I flew my first airplane. The first time I learnt what it feels like to live your dreams.

My first semester in Aviation school, in a city one hour north of Toronto, Barrie, Ontario.
Our flight instructor took us up in a Cessna 175. I was like a child high on candies. I could not contain myself. This is how you feel when you attain your life’s goals. You feel like a child high on candies.

As this single engine airplane took off from the Orillia Airport, a fixed base operator, and we started to climb into the sky, a thought came to me “mamma should see me now.” Then tears of joy cascaded my face. This is how you feel when set goals and achieve them. Tears of joy will cascade your face.

I have always felt that it was my calling to eliminate the poverty that has gripped my family for generations.

What is Motivation?

I see motivation as an engine and your ambition as a vehicle. Motivation is that engine which powers your ambition to the place it desires to go. One thing about all engines, they need other things to work.

The 7 Keys to motivation

1/- Your energy level. Since motivation powers up engines, try being motivated when you are tired. If you want to be motivated, sleep well. But, you must have the discipline to sleep.
2/- Clarity– motivation works well when you are clear in your head about what it is that you are going after. Clarity creates unbelievable energy and force. It’s like the Pistons and connecting rods working together to spark the fire that turns over the engine, the engine in you.

3/Certainty– The Sparks in your ambition fire when you’re certain that you can get what you’re aiming for. As an entrepreneur, you must take time out and practice predicting your success. Three things to be certain about:
– You must be certain that you can do it.
– You must be certain that it’s the right thing for you to do.
– You must be certain of the benefits to others.

4/Spirituality-two elements of spirituality that affect your motivation the most, faith and beliefs.
– Faith. According to scriptures, faith is seeing what you want as though you already have it. When you embrace faith, your journey becomes easier. This is because you some assurance that you have the higher power on your side.
– Beliefs. They can hold you back and they can propel you forward.
As a Christian who grew up in poverty, seeing my grandmother sharing everything she had, I honestly thought it was wrong to have money. So most of my effort was spent on sharing the little I had with others. I didn’t have much desire to make a lot of money.
I wrestled with this for years. Things changed for me way into my career in leadership and entrepreneurship. I realized that I needed money to do the things I wanted to do. I had no choice but to appreciate the good in money.
5/Expectations: whatever age you are, whatever stage you are in life, this astounding growth hack is available for you too. We become what’s expected of us. If you have people in your life who expect greatness of you, you are more likely to be motivated to push past your limits.
When I was 13 years old I met one such person, my aunt Pauline Schneider, lovingly called Anti Cherry. Anti Cherry was the principal educator of our family; principal at the primary school I attended.
She saw potential in me the first time we met. And immediately, she raised my standards. She established her expectations of me.
My aunt’s bars were high but reachable. My Anti Cherry is responsible for where I am today.
If you want to find drive in your life, look for that person or those people who expect greatness from you. And thrive to meet those marks.
6/ Model– through my own transformational journey, I discovered the hook, the gravitational pull this modeling offers. I run, from primary school to high school and throughout adult life. Many of the people whom I admire are Olympians and record breakers. And Jamaica is a factory for them. From Arthur Wint to Herb McKinley, to Merlene Ottey, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce to world record holders such as Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt. I identify with these athletes. When I think of pursuing the finish line, I embody the spirit of the great performers whom I admire.
There was a time when I struggled with my routines, and inconsistency. I wasn’t meeting my own deadlines.

So I challenge myself with the question the Olympics are six months away now. How would Usain bolt be spending his time today? What would Asafa Powell do if he has to get fit in two months and he is presented with a juicy bucket of wings? Would he say “I will just eat this junk tonight and go nuts in the gym tomorrow?” I don’t think so. So, modeling helps you to live your life the way you imagine it.

7/ A history of success. Progress motivates. The more you succeed, is the more likely you are to achieve greatness. Conversely, if there is no evidence of success in your life, the harder it is to convince your mind that you can attain those lofty goals.  So, you have to do an audit of your life and identity the things that you have accomplished. Highlight the challenges that you’ve overcome. And gain some self-esteem from them.
As an entrepreneur, you want to discover and experience the power in motivation. To do that, go over these 7 Keys to motivation and follow them.


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