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The landscape of leadership has changed over the past decades. The challenges that leaders face today are dynamic, numerous, confusing and sometimes even completely out of ‘left field.’ A new set of leadership qualities are required today to garner success in leadership roles.

A leader is like light bulb that is always on. You don’t get to turn it on at work, then off as soon as you vacate work premises.

A couple years back, a story broke about BlackBerry’s creator, Research In Motion (R.I.M), where its executives behaved badly one day on an airplane. This had a negative impact on the company’s image. They were let go after that.

As a leader, you are: a father, a husband, a wife, a mother, a human being with feelings. You are an individual with a range of complicated needs. I postulate that in order to successfully lead people and organization, today and tomorrow, you must establish a plan to gain these three categories of skills: Relationship management, Self-management, and Task management.


The demands on leaders today have increased. These demands are expected to intensify in the near future. For example, some years ago, at one company I was managing, within a year, we’d let go bosses, employees and cut budgets. As soon as I had less staff to work with, my workload increased. And the conditions became more dynamic and stressful. Not to mention the invasion of emails that seem so important. And the barrage of phone calls from stakeholders demanding responses immediately, as though their requests are the only important part of my day.

You are required to do more with less while remaining effective as an authority figure.

The successful leader of today and tomorrow is expected to lead in all directions, as John C. Maxwell describes it. Good leadership skills allow you to lead in front, behind, sideways, upwards, and downwards.


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The effective core qualifications for leading people through change, starts with you recognizing that human capital can no longer hold up as a cog in the machine. We have feelings, cares, concerns and anxiety about the world around us and our place in it.

If you want to realize your dream of becoming a better leader if you already or, or to be a team leader, enroll in a professional development program and keep on learning.  Be intentional in improving your relationships building skills. Learn how to manage yourself. And, fine tune your abilities to get your job done.

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