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The other day I was going through my journals which I wrote about 12 years ago, starting from 2004.
In one entry, I noted how clear I was about my dreams, my goals of being a transformational coach, author and speaker.

In another post, I articulated my blazing passion to change people’s lives.

And when I got to entries I made in 2009, I discovered pages that I intended to record as YouTube video blogs. Do you wanna know something? I never made those videos.
As you can see, I’ve known what I wanted to do with my life for a long time now.
I’d acquired enough skills to get going, to get enough clients to establish myself as an authority. And I didn’t take the next step.
The blazing fire to transform lives waned over the years, reduced to an undercurrent of uneasiness with stasis, with doing nothing.

Do you know what happens to your soul when you don’t set goals to change your life? What happens to your soul when you know that you could have made it in life, but you didn’t? Your soul plays the role of judge and executioner, for a certain time. Your soul is a judge at the birth of your dreams up to the moment when you still have a chance to live it.

When it’s too late to do to live your dreams, your soul switches role from Judge to an angry jailer.

Do you know what angry jailers do?
Angry jailers slam the prison door shut really loudly. And lose the key. Then, they scream on top of their lungs with that monstrous look, “lifer,” meaning, you’ve got a life sentence.

Have you ever gone to a bar and met an old man drinking by himself, you happen to grab a seat next to him and he couldn’t wait to tell you a story? And it’s a story about how he almost made it? He reminisces of his proudest moment, the occasion when he met the person who was dominating his industry in that era.

Do you wanna know something?
That drinker’s story will be your story if you don’t get up off your ass and make sacrifices right now.

How do you think I felt to know that It’s 2016 and I had written my book for about 12 years now but did nothing about it?
Do you wanna know how I felt when I saw those journal entries?
I felt like a total failure. Straight up. At first, I could hardly stand the guy in the mirror. But those feelings subsided the instant I honestly and genuinely forgave myself for failing. Then, I broke the bridge and embarked on this kickass ride to pursue greatness. That’s when the undercurrent of uneasiness receded. I will never quit again. And neither will you.

Surveying the pages of my journals, I found out that the reason why I quit wasn’t because I lacked skills; it wasn’t a lack of knowledge.  The reason is because I was psyched out by my opponent.
What’s that opponent you might ask? That opponent is the unknown.
The things I didn’t know. That’s right.

Since then, I’ve made my own master plan to gain knowledge and build that inner giant that rolls over all obstacles that come my way.

What is it gonna take for you to get back on track and storm to the finish line?
What is your obstacle today?
Are you stuck? I’ve walked in your shoes. Now I’m living my dreams. I will help you create a road to kick ass journey of massive success.


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