My Motivation is to help you

My personal mission is to “learn constantly, help others learn constantly and help the world to change exponentially”

Over the past decade, I was blessed to have led in some of the biggest companies in the world, in the non-profit, and public sectors, where I have honed my leadership qualities, team building skills and coaching capabilities to impact people’s lives in profound ways.

Just recently, a woman whom I’d supervised up until a couple years ago, called to tell me thanks. She went on to say that she has completed her masters in the summer, went for an interview at one of the finest companies in her industry and she has me to thank for that. I was stunned because I didn’t remember the whole story at the time. She explained my role in her life and I felt that I achieved something great.

About a week later, I received another call from someone whom I had supervised and mentored. She called to say “thank you,” and to inform me that she got into law school. This was her dream.

A short while ago I met up with someone who has graduated for a number of years and has never worked in her field. She wanted so badly to get into graduate school but has been getting rejections left, right and center. And it’s all because she didn’t have work experience in her field.

When she told me her problems, I looked at her resume, made some critical changes, made a few phone calls for her. In one week, she got an interview, in two weeks she got the job she needed. Now she is gonna live her dreams. And my story goes on and on. I’ve been using my roles, to change lives. And it’s all because one day I had pain, I opened the door pain showed me and I followed the path. My life has been transformed and it’s benefiting others.


Growing up in Jamaica I was nurtured into making life better for those in my community, I learned to share the little that I had, and be ok giving away things that I wanted for myself, if it made life better for someone else. And if someone had a need that I couldn’t directly solve, I learned to address it with prayers.

A mission hidden in my heart since 17 years old

Next to my high school in the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, there was a shack, inches away from the road side. Before taking route to school, I thought I was poor-the house I grew up in was pretty small. I was ashamed of letting my classmates at school know where I lived. But when I saw this house and realized that a family lived there, my heart melted.

As trecked by this shack daily, to and from school, I often wondered if they had food to eat, if they had a bed to sleep on. I knew that I couldn’t personally meet any of that family’s needs at the time, so I prayed for them daily.  I remember wishing that when I grew up I would get rich and go back and help them. I felt good thinking that way, and I felt relevant.

Desiring to help a family I didn’t even know made me feel whole, like I was pulled closer to God.

One day around my last semester in high school, I experienced a small win; I noticed that that family started to build a better house. It seemed God had answered my prayers.

I have pursued many ventures in my life but I’ve quit them all and always come back to the one thing that always brought me joy, helping people to change their lives.



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