Get Up, Brush Off And Finish

Your genius is in the finish

What do you do when your dreams tumble out of the sky?

When all you own burn to dust, when you’ve lost faith in all you believe in, God, the universe, love and people? This is what you do, grab a brush, take life’s blank canvas, and paint a new story.I’m painting mine; let’s paint yours. The world is waiting.”



I’m so excited to share my knowledge, my skills, and my expertise on leadership, transformation and motivation. On this site we inspire, innovate and invigorated the winner in you.

Bust through your own self imposed barriers that have closed you in for years.

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“Your pain is your asset; you are broker. You decide the dividends. You are richer than you think.”


My name is Darin Ruddock, Founder of Finish Line Institute of Transformation,Coach, Mentor and Trainer I help people to overcome their barriers and live the life they want.I will teach how to get your life back on track.Maybe there was a time you’ve set some goals, started something’s but all of that is distant memory now. How do you change your life for life? You change your life the moment you realize, that your accomplishments don’t match your potential. How do you know that your accomplishments don’t match your potential?You know this through self-awareness.Leading up the time I changed my life, I remember having this affinity for underdogs, from the movies I watched to the athletes I admired. There was one common denominator.

They never win when it matters the most, even though they had the potential to win and win big.  I Over time, I learnt that I admired these underdogs so much because, I too had something I needed to finish and that was my conscience appealing to me to do something about it while there I still had time. So I would star one business after the other but I just wouldn’t do what it takes to finish anything.

My friends, my breakthrough came when I bit the bullet and took the plunge. I got myself a mentor, Brendon Burchard, bestselling author and legend on the online space.

When I signed up as a student at High Performance Academy, I knew I wasn’t going to quit this time as I did every other times. I had a great mentor, surrounded by thousands of like minded people, and I committed to changing my life. Now, I am that person others admire.

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life, admiring stars, lusting after what they have. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “what they do is so awesome. I wish I could.”  You know what? You too can live the life that people wish they had. You can be the person you would admire. If you get the right plan, the right system and routine, you can be the person whom you’ve always wanted to admire. I can help you do that.

You have something you need to finish. And winning is you getting off life’s sidelines and playing with heart, no matter the odds against you. I help others live their dreams.



My mentor Darin. R, has motivated me to pursue my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

We might have passion to live life on our terms but the unknown gets nerve rocking sometimes, overwhelming, and as a result, you quit or you stay stuck.

Working with Darin has shifted my perspective from stuck to progress.
He shared with me a principle for the entrepreneurial life that will always be my guide.  He coached me to see that the life of an entrepreneur is like a long interview.

When in an interview, and you’re posed a question that’s challenging, do you stop at that tough question? Or do you say “let’s skip this one and move on to the next question that I can manage and then return to the tough question and give it your best shot again?

Darin taught me how to grow and thrive: he showed me that if you want to get out of your rut, your life, your situation, you must seek out, and reach out. That’s how you will get out.
His perspectives on life and business has relieved my stress and inspired me to keep pursuing my goals.

Vanicia, Toronto



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